Friday, October 28, 2005

Blog Trackking Device

Marketers can now find which brands Dominate the blogsphere. This trackking device analyses blogs over a specified time period and draws up a graph that indicates consumer prefernece.

This in my opinion can can be used to ascertain the most popular brands amongst the consumer. it will give marketers a sneak peak into the minds of the consumer.

With this tool it is difficult to find out whether the brand is talked about in positive or negative light, nevertheless it is still a strong indicator of top of the mind recall.

Here are a few results I found. The retail coffe war is going reall strong.
For what ever reason Westside beat shoppers Stop hands down when it comes to top of the mind recall.
Will the cola wars finally end? or has it just begun?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Barista Goes Rural

Brarista now plans to open up shops in smaller towns and thus consolidating its position as a leading player in retail coffee category.
It also plans to set up 'Barista on the Go' which was under way since 2003. These will be setup on Expressways and national highway like Mumbai-Pune Highway to cater to the high volume commuters who use the road everyday.
very smart move indeed, in the recent years these expressways have seen an increase in the travellers.
Barista has started Barista Creme in Delhi. which offers a different experience from Barista Expresso Bar. At Barista Creme one can look to a causal dining experience. With success of barista Creme in delhi they now plan to venture into other metros like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.
to read more one check out agencyfaqs
now one has to wait to experience Barista Creme.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Endless hours of procrastination, long hours of work, gossip, sleepovers, and business deals are all incomplete without coffee. So I call my blog coffee, conversation and more.

I didn’t start this blog to stir communal violence or to combat terrorism. I started this blog so as keep myself well read and updated (which obviously I am not now). Does that sound selfish? Would it have been different had I said this blog is the voice of the underdog? (Its rhetoric stupid!)

Do stupid blurbs bother you? Is viral marketing a big con job? Or are stinky socks the biggest menace today? Whatever it is all you need is a little more talent than that of a nose picker to write and say what you want to say.