Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Support Reservation

Dear Mr. Arjun Singh

Subject: I support Reservation

After carefully analyzing the happenings over the past two weeks, I have made a few observations. Over the fortnight I was contemplating whom should I extent my support to

- Fellow professionals like me who are strongly opposing your views on reservation which according them is a gimmick pulled off by you for some quick votes and an instant gratification of the left.

- You and your party, who claim it is not to gratify anybody or any particular sections of the society. And after considerable deliberation you feel (and your party seconds you) it is to improve the overall quality of life of the SC /ST and OBC who have been denied all basic necessities in life and thus by ensuring the rest of India is denied its basic fundamental rights
I fully extend my support to you Mr. Singh, I think the Government should bring about reservation in all departments and the PM and all the Politicians will have my backing for promoting this.
  • To start with Government should bring about 49.6% Reservation in trains for SC / ST and OBC. This reservation is not just for General Class but for First Class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier and sleeper coaches as well
  • To improve the quality of life of SC / ST and OBC you should bring about 30% reservation in all air planes with upto 10% in business class (Air India now Indian flies empty anyway)
  • 20% of the visas issued to all Indians to travel to America should be for BC / OBC
  • All operations conducted on politicians should be by BC / OBC
  • SC /ST and OBC should have adequate representation in all faculties (direction, production, music composition, choreography, acting, and even the censor board) of the Films Industry.
  • Ensure SC/ ST and OBC should be employed in all PSUs like Banks, Nuclear energy, Railways, and industry like Oil and Natural Gas, Mining etc.
  • All projects undertaken by the government like building bridges, roads, and railways should be given only to SC / ST and OBC engineers
  • The Armed forces should bring about 40% reservation for SC /ST and OBC in all their institutes spanned across India
  • Get BCCI to have SC / ST reservation in cricket and maybe request fast bowlers like Shohaib Akhtar to bowl slowly and if anyone from the above mentioned caste hits a four it could be tripled and sixes could be doubled
  • 40% of all athletes representing India in olympics should be from SC / ST and OBC

The points enumerated above are really skewed towards betterment of the lives of SC / ST and OBC who will be graduating from prestigious institutes and in accordance with your policy emloyment opportunities should also have reservation. Kindly act upon them at the earliest in order to prevent further denial of their right to a good life.



Ps - As a citizen of this country I definitely want to see equality instituted to one and all well that’s what the psuedo left of our country claim as well (socialistic ideals stem from equality to all citizen). Quota is a complete violation of my right to equality, ideals of socialism, and a complete disregard of Indian Intelligence. Far worse is beating up unarmed students, what started off as a silent protest with some 400 medical students now has the whole country standing up and fighting to safe guard the quality of education that you propose to dilute.

Many express their support by participating in the protest march, a few attempt to self immolate, others like me write about it and there are many other means one can resort to. How do you to intend to silence each and everyone of it?

Friday, May 19, 2006

‘Can I be friends with you?’

‘Hi a friend of mine just broke up with his girlfriend could you dance with him and cheer him up, you dance really well?’ I was quite dumbfounded. I was having a ball dancing to all my favourite numbers at the AD club awards in Bangalore, it brought back my days at Symbiosis and suddenly I found myself in a funny predicament.

Have you ever had people come up to you with the lamest of pick up lines? I can’t deny it can be mighty flattering at times, but mostly its embarrassing. I have lived on my own for the last 5 years and have gotten it so many times but every time in my head I appreciate their innovativeness. The most common and the corniest of all pick up lines is ‘Have we met somewhere?’ I would say ‘why did we have to now?’ My sarcasm has little or no effect on these men because many of them are used to this or are plain stupid and just don’t follow you.

With the internet community Orkut all one has to do is put a decent picture and your scrap book is flooding with complete bull like :
‘You have an amazing aura’ or
‘I feel l like I have known you all my life’ or
‘Hey I am from Bangalore too!!!’

Really, people need to go get a life.

I once read somewhere that one of the popular pick up line is to throw an ice cube in a club in front of a pretty girl and then say ‘Now that the ice is broken shall we dance?’ I found this ridiculous and I couldn’t digest the fact that men would go ahead and make complete asses of themselves I mean not to discredit their intelligence or anything.

‘Can I buy u a drink?’
‘Sure as long as its an unopened bottle of beer’

A lot of possibilities for date rape, it is a serious concern now. There have been numerous incidents of date rape, media is now talking about it as well and several precautions have been issued to single young woman.

Abroad several lawsuits have been filed and several legal battles have been won since more often than not pick up lines tread the path of sexual harassment the recent one being that of the automobile major Toyota.

Most pick up lines are innocent and are purely for kicks. I mean who would want to chat up some weirdo who stops you in the road (I am thinking maybe for direction) and tells you ‘Hey you got really beautiful eyes’.

Even though it was only for 5 seconds and he was not much of a dancer I did dance with that WIERDO the night of the AD club awards only to feel super stupid later. I felt sorry for the guy and realized corny pick up lines will never cease to exist as long as women like me keep buying that bullshit.