Friday, October 28, 2005

Blog Trackking Device

Marketers can now find which brands Dominate the blogsphere. This trackking device analyses blogs over a specified time period and draws up a graph that indicates consumer prefernece.

This in my opinion can can be used to ascertain the most popular brands amongst the consumer. it will give marketers a sneak peak into the minds of the consumer.

With this tool it is difficult to find out whether the brand is talked about in positive or negative light, nevertheless it is still a strong indicator of top of the mind recall.

Here are a few results I found. The retail coffe war is going reall strong.
For what ever reason Westside beat shoppers Stop hands down when it comes to top of the mind recall.
Will the cola wars finally end? or has it just begun?


Melanie Alamo said...
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weblogz said...
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viggy said...

hey.. nice tool eh!! Its damn good.. Just observed some amazing trends!!

Keep posting interesting stuff like dis!!!

Mosses!!! said...

Hi dhivya,

Nice work. Ur blogging style is good. Very impressive with numbers and graphs. In my next comment I shalt give u some good blog links using which u can fine tume ur blogging skills.

Till then keep guessing me..... and of course enjoy the coffee and the conversation..

- Mosses