Saturday, July 14, 2007

TVC Hots & Nots - Parachute Advansed

I totally love the new 'Parachute Advansed - Gorgeous Hamesha' commercial that has been on air recently. The ad doesn't directly talk about the product yet the intrensic benefit of the product comes through very clearly. Its feel good track and simple execution makes this commercial an example of great advertising, that helps build strong brand vaules for the company and phenomenal recall for the product.

The ad resonates well with its consumers, with its base line 'Gorgeous Hamesha' this ad makes me (their target consumer) feel really good about myself. And the whole stickness and phobia associated with hair oil is very clevery masked.
A clutter breaking ad that has all the right ingredients to strike the right chord with its consumers and to build a great brand.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

F-C-U-K Fashion

The attention-grabbing marketing ploy of naughty-but-nice British fashion retailer French Connection, reborn in 1997 under the brand "FCUK" borrows shock tactics in equal measure from 1970s punk rock group the Sex Pistols and rival clothing retailer Benetton, The controversial campaign was an enormous success for several years

French Connection is a clothing company first established in United Kingdom in 1969 and was mainly aimed at the youthful demographic. Over the last decade it has reinvented itself for the new generation shoppers and has now evolved to be a cult brand world over under the name FCUK which they claim is the acronym for French Connection United Kingdom. The company has recently announced the 'fcuk' label is to be phased out.

Their communication is a ...
Word Game

Misspelt words - whoever said one has to know his spellings


Their advertising oozes with controversial, rebellious, and blatantly kinky attitude. Be it enormous billboards or their store display the brand has tantalized and infuriated people with words. It raised the bar for young advertising professional.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Setting up a President

In India, politics has always been a drama that helps in sustaining competitive TRPs for news channels. The new issue that is gripping the nation is the rat race for the highest chair of honour. Who is going to be appointed as the next president of India? There seems to be a surge in jingoistic spirit and everyone is feeling compelled to contribute his 2 paisa worth to this issue.

Politics for me has been a source of entertainment, being a silent spectator I have thoroughly enjoyed the nastiness enveloping it but this one event triggered me to write about it.

Our domestic help called to say she was not coming to work. My mum being irked by this asked her to justify her reasons.

‘Madam some lady who is going to be the next president of our country is going to be in town. I am going to get fifty bucks and food for sitting through the ceremony. A bus is coming to pick up people from my slum and will drop us back when the function is over. If I take my whole family I’ll get more money than you pay me for the whole month!’

50 bucks and a plate of chicken briyani is all it takes to climb the Indian political ladder! The UPA and left will go any length in setting up their candidate, Pratibha Patil as the country’s next president and guess who is talking about it.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bangalore Bloggers Meet Part 1- Prelude to the Barcamp

With two bloggers meet being organised simultaneously (initially, both oblivious of each others existence) the blogging junta found itself in a confounding situation, clearly questioning the motives of both these meets. Nonetheless, this confusion lend itself as an ice breaker for the bloggers meet on Saturday evening, the gathering had a good laugh over it.

Before we were through with that we found ourselves in an even funnier predicament. The venue, cafĂ© coffee day flatly refused to accommodate the overwhelming response we received from the blogging community. As people started trickling in it was evident for an impromptu meet the number was looking really promising. Then we did a little walk to Koshy’s and finally settled at Koshy’s Chill out (yes not the best of places, but we were getting a little desperate after having spent 40mins hunting for a place).

This meet was a prelude to the Barcamp Bangalore 4 (BCB4). So after initial round of introduction, Hari, BCB4 organiser introduced many of us to the Bar camp concept. He further went on to explain that this year a bloggers collective was being introduced at BCB4 and that it was upto us to take it forward. Bangalore Mirror, July 8th 2007

There were a lot of concepts thrown back and forth. One thought in particular that hogged most of our time was how the bloggers need to probably be more socially conscious. Sridhar on that note suggested we start a web NGO. Interesting, the idea could be explored and would probably even get support from many non bloggers.

Also how Non tech bloggers like Sanjukta and myself be given a few lessons about the web and the various tools we could probably use. I agree with this one, I find so many bloggers doing really neat stuff with their blogs and would really like to use a few on my own.

We had reporters from the Times Group - Niranjan & Balanarayan attending the meet besides the following bloggers.

Sanjukta – who also organised the meet
Hari, Prayank, Sridhar, Anand, Sukumar, Ram, Jothi Vel, Amith, Vinu, Cipson (I hope I haven’t missed anybody)

Like expected I was a part of the minority one of the only 2 girls and one of only 2 non techies. However, Hari did go out of his way not make us non techies feel a little more important..

I was amazed how 13 strangers had so much to share and discuss. Frankly, I loved the attitude of these bloggers everyone wanted to use this medium of blogging to bring about a positive change. And in my opinion that’s a great start. Thanks Sanjukta for organising this one

The next meeting on July 21st at Brewhaha will be to freeze the agenda for the barcamp, we are hoping to see a lot more people.

To join kindly edit this wiki page –

I will update photographs once people send it across to me but I have put up what Bangalore Mirror had to say about the meet.