Monday, November 07, 2005

Movies influence Smoking habits


In a research conducted by Dartmouth Medical School across America over 6,522 children within 10- 14 years of age it was found that most kids tried smoking atleast once after beign influenced by hollywood movies.

The study, described as the first national look at the influence of movie smoking on youths, urged Hollywood to cut back on depictions of smoking or shots of cigarette brands.

Smoking is now been included in the movie rating data that currently mentions explicit sex, violence and profanity.

Well India realised this a long time back and has already taken stringent measures, all movies are prohibited from showcasing smoking scenes. Whether for the good or bad I do not know. It is quite funny that the big daddy was slow in addressing this issue.




unforgiven said...

Gotta love India.

Don't address a problem for years and then address it in the worst possible way, as long as it makes the biggest headlines.