Monday, November 07, 2005

Worlds first Vmail underway in 3 weeks


NowPos has developed what is probably the world’s first voice email service. The service, to be launched in three weeks, will allow users to send voice messages through the internet in the form of emails.

The comapy hopes to deliver sound files compresses to the smallest possible files easily tranferable across the web. The biggest problem till now was the file size and the high cost of transmission. This software is all set to change the way we communicate.




Lensmann said...

we can already send 1mb size files as attachments with our regular emails. with mobile technology growing rapidly it would ve sooner or later possible to have a minute long voice file as small as 100 kb.. but for any new technological innovation to grow wider user base is necessary!

Mosses!!! said...

Hi Dhivya,

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3. My promise delivered: ita a well written and a very professional blog. Not to mention the babe blogger ;)

keep writing. Its good for u.

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