Friday, May 19, 2006

‘Can I be friends with you?’

‘Hi a friend of mine just broke up with his girlfriend could you dance with him and cheer him up, you dance really well?’ I was quite dumbfounded. I was having a ball dancing to all my favourite numbers at the AD club awards in Bangalore, it brought back my days at Symbiosis and suddenly I found myself in a funny predicament.

Have you ever had people come up to you with the lamest of pick up lines? I can’t deny it can be mighty flattering at times, but mostly its embarrassing. I have lived on my own for the last 5 years and have gotten it so many times but every time in my head I appreciate their innovativeness. The most common and the corniest of all pick up lines is ‘Have we met somewhere?’ I would say ‘why did we have to now?’ My sarcasm has little or no effect on these men because many of them are used to this or are plain stupid and just don’t follow you.

With the internet community Orkut all one has to do is put a decent picture and your scrap book is flooding with complete bull like :
‘You have an amazing aura’ or
‘I feel l like I have known you all my life’ or
‘Hey I am from Bangalore too!!!’

Really, people need to go get a life.

I once read somewhere that one of the popular pick up line is to throw an ice cube in a club in front of a pretty girl and then say ‘Now that the ice is broken shall we dance?’ I found this ridiculous and I couldn’t digest the fact that men would go ahead and make complete asses of themselves I mean not to discredit their intelligence or anything.

‘Can I buy u a drink?’
‘Sure as long as its an unopened bottle of beer’

A lot of possibilities for date rape, it is a serious concern now. There have been numerous incidents of date rape, media is now talking about it as well and several precautions have been issued to single young woman.

Abroad several lawsuits have been filed and several legal battles have been won since more often than not pick up lines tread the path of sexual harassment the recent one being that of the automobile major Toyota.

Most pick up lines are innocent and are purely for kicks. I mean who would want to chat up some weirdo who stops you in the road (I am thinking maybe for direction) and tells you ‘Hey you got really beautiful eyes’.

Even though it was only for 5 seconds and he was not much of a dancer I did dance with that WIERDO the night of the AD club awards only to feel super stupid later. I felt sorry for the guy and realized corny pick up lines will never cease to exist as long as women like me keep buying that bullshit.


xeonX said...

nice post dhivya..corny pick up lines..nothing beats this one..
A friend of mine had this said to her. A guy walks up to her and says " hi my name is blah. whats yours?" she answers.. he then says" whats your age?" wrong question.. but she answered and said my age is 21.. for this the guy says " oh i see .. so u were 20 last year!! wow!!" dumb.. but my friend said.." oh i see so ur a mathematician eh??" i dont think that guy spoke to a lot of ppl after tht.!

Dexter said...

ha ha! orkut rocks!

btw, not all are weirdos. i know a person from IIMA who got this gf through orkut. oh a rich weirdo ! ha ha! but then thats what girls want rite ;)

Rider on the Storm said...

I agree..some guys are losers..orkut has the worst history of such pickup lines "Hi. i think you are cute, will you give me your friendhsip"..sounds like a despo !!! Anyways, nice post..i m totally supportive of women snubbing despos !!! They really need to get a life

Ajaya said...

well said, Cant stop commenting on this post ..

Please dont call this pickup line ;)

unforgiven said...

Hi Dhivya!

Did you know? You have an amazing aura and I feel l like I have known you all my life! Check this out, I am from Bangalore too!!!

Do call me back at my number 555-LOV-DIVS

Maybe we can get together sometime and I can buy you a drink?

CoNfUsEd said...

you forgot, "you have a nice smile, can i make friendship with you"