Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Support Reservation

Dear Mr. Arjun Singh

Subject: I support Reservation

After carefully analyzing the happenings over the past two weeks, I have made a few observations. Over the fortnight I was contemplating whom should I extent my support to

- Fellow professionals like me who are strongly opposing your views on reservation which according them is a gimmick pulled off by you for some quick votes and an instant gratification of the left.

- You and your party, who claim it is not to gratify anybody or any particular sections of the society. And after considerable deliberation you feel (and your party seconds you) it is to improve the overall quality of life of the SC /ST and OBC who have been denied all basic necessities in life and thus by ensuring the rest of India is denied its basic fundamental rights
I fully extend my support to you Mr. Singh, I think the Government should bring about reservation in all departments and the PM and all the Politicians will have my backing for promoting this.
  • To start with Government should bring about 49.6% Reservation in trains for SC / ST and OBC. This reservation is not just for General Class but for First Class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier and sleeper coaches as well
  • To improve the quality of life of SC / ST and OBC you should bring about 30% reservation in all air planes with upto 10% in business class (Air India now Indian flies empty anyway)
  • 20% of the visas issued to all Indians to travel to America should be for BC / OBC
  • All operations conducted on politicians should be by BC / OBC
  • SC /ST and OBC should have adequate representation in all faculties (direction, production, music composition, choreography, acting, and even the censor board) of the Films Industry.
  • Ensure SC/ ST and OBC should be employed in all PSUs like Banks, Nuclear energy, Railways, and industry like Oil and Natural Gas, Mining etc.
  • All projects undertaken by the government like building bridges, roads, and railways should be given only to SC / ST and OBC engineers
  • The Armed forces should bring about 40% reservation for SC /ST and OBC in all their institutes spanned across India
  • Get BCCI to have SC / ST reservation in cricket and maybe request fast bowlers like Shohaib Akhtar to bowl slowly and if anyone from the above mentioned caste hits a four it could be tripled and sixes could be doubled
  • 40% of all athletes representing India in olympics should be from SC / ST and OBC

The points enumerated above are really skewed towards betterment of the lives of SC / ST and OBC who will be graduating from prestigious institutes and in accordance with your policy emloyment opportunities should also have reservation. Kindly act upon them at the earliest in order to prevent further denial of their right to a good life.



Ps - As a citizen of this country I definitely want to see equality instituted to one and all well that’s what the psuedo left of our country claim as well (socialistic ideals stem from equality to all citizen). Quota is a complete violation of my right to equality, ideals of socialism, and a complete disregard of Indian Intelligence. Far worse is beating up unarmed students, what started off as a silent protest with some 400 medical students now has the whole country standing up and fighting to safe guard the quality of education that you propose to dilute.

Many express their support by participating in the protest march, a few attempt to self immolate, others like me write about it and there are many other means one can resort to. How do you to intend to silence each and everyone of it?


xeonX said...

Brilliant post dhivya..
Reserve 40% for SC/ST in cricket.. and maybe ask shoib akhtar to bowl slow to them... lol!

unforgiven said...

Don't give them ideas.
You never know what we'd be protesting against next.

Sarcasm is lost at times even on some of the smartest people. These are politicians.

Bond...James Bond said...

Couldn't have put it better Dhivs, hope all your wishes come true !

bubba said...

ok so u got strong opinions on this subject...lets make a deal. point out one bloody SC / ST / OBC person right off the street who really deserves this 'privilege of reservation' and i'll sign whereever you want me to.

Bond...James Bond said...

Check this out : http://www.amul.com/hits.html

Chinmaye Bhave said...

well written ... i wish one day u will be columnist on net .. some additions and subtractions though

1. all reservation is not bad and SC/ST deserve the protection. OBC is the problem area since many of the castes actually are quite powerful lobbies ... for example jats

2. i think no reservation should be there on pg level as they have already used it once

3. institutes of excellence like iit iim should be kept out of this and SC/ST/OBC families with income more than 3 lac per annum should be kept out of reservation on creamy layer principle

but at the same time we all brahmins need to introspect a bit ... arent we also trying to keep caste system alive ... so many of us take false pride in being a bramhin . ... mebbe only 5% of us know sanskrit ... how funny ... we should make sure our children's brains are cleaned of this caste concept

and as u see all sections of society are selfish in the end .. so its ok upto fighting for justice ... but we should not talk about merit and country's future

look at best of schools in india ... and look at their cream ... 95% of my batchmates who scored above 80% in their tenth are abroad today ... working in silicon valley for hefty pay packets .. all of them paid Rs. 5 per month in school ... remaining was given as grant by govt under an impression tht these guys will use their knowledge to make things better ...

Satish said...

A bit late to comment... but nevertheless...

To put it across nicely... the blog entry is sub-standard, especially compared to your other entries. The reasons are quite obvious... not well researched, lacks a perspective and what grabbed my attention was that it was overly dramatized. I was surprised if not shocked to read an entry like this Dhiv.

We will talk more about it when we meet. I have genuine concerns regarding this specific entry of yours.