Thursday, June 22, 2006

The AXE way of Engagement

The work done by Mindshare Fulcrum for AXE was short-listed this year at the Emvies under three different categories: the best integrated campaign, best media innovation—digital and best media innovation—never used before media. This article throws up interesting insights on which the campaign was based on - The Axe way of Engagement


Arvi said...

I hate the musky product, but its definitely a smart ad campaign. Its interesting how their ads are first released online before TV. There's an old ad titled 'Listening 101' featuring a woman talking to a man while he is being distracted by a car, a soccer game, etc which is pretty funny!! BTW, is Axe Unilever?

Anuj Chauhan said...

I wants the url for AXE LAND promotion website