Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Holiday Helpdesk

Confused about where to go this weekend? Would rather unwind in a tree house buried deep inside Bandhipur forest, or trek up the Himalayas? Visit and plan your weekend getaways and holidays.
India Resorts Survey (IRS) is first of its kind venture in India for all travel lovers. Here you can find new resorts, weekend getaways and hotels in India, add new ones, rate them on various parameters, join the network of travel lovers, and plan your trips.

One can join IRS by becoming an IRS explorer and enjoy the privileges that come with it. As an explorer you could help someone make their travel plans and earn brownie points by writing about the places you visit. You can also share photographs and experiences (both good and bad) with fellow travelers. You could make your own travel plans based on the reviews and ratings put up by explorers.

IRS allows you to filter your search based on distances from your residing city, tariff rates, type of resort, state, etc. This allows you to zero in on what you're looking for to make your weekend fun and exciting and thus reduces the hassle of having to go through reams of unnecessary data.

Online travel planning is a brand new concept in India but its a well-established business in the west. Most people in the states chalk out their travel plans based on reviews on sites like tripadvisor and igougo. This not only ensures they get their money's worth but also guarantees a fun filled weekend something they have been looking forward to.

From budget hotels to premium luxury resorts there is a destination for all kinds of travelers at IRS all one has to do is pack his bag and hit the roads.

The next time you're basking in the backwaters of Kerala or lying on the sands of virgin beaches along the konkan coast counting stars you know who would want to know. And in any case your trip was a rude surprise you can still log on and write about it.

On a personal note I think the site is user friendly and the navigation is relatively clear. There are a few travel blogs which make an excellent read and are also furbished with a lot of details and funny anecdotes but then again it limits my choice to a very few popular tourists locales. At IRS I can write, read and access information about my preferred (not necessarily popular) holiday destination. The site filters helps me find what I want amongst zillion other things.

The services of this site are more often than not labeled to be another, who are in the business of getting the best deals for travelers. IRS on the other hand provides a platform for you to connect with other travel lovers and share their experiences and thus helping you plan that perfect vacation.


xeonX said...

hmmm ...neat i'd definitely chek this out..useful info thnx dhivs!

Arvi said...

Does this read like a PR post? :-) Just kidding... thanks for the note, i'll definitely have to use the site to plan my next trip. I found the layout of their portal a bit odd - what did you think?

Dhivya said...

I cant be nice about things i dont my PR skills are pretty much down to zilch although I think PR is a part of every jobb...besides I think their website is neat...maybe your just to used to all these international sites....and hey this is word of mouth marketing...I am a prosumer - proactive consumer... I am like a bee who carries the pollen looking for flowers to pollinate I carry the word both good and bad..hehehe