Wednesday, July 11, 2007

F-C-U-K Fashion

The attention-grabbing marketing ploy of naughty-but-nice British fashion retailer French Connection, reborn in 1997 under the brand "FCUK" borrows shock tactics in equal measure from 1970s punk rock group the Sex Pistols and rival clothing retailer Benetton, The controversial campaign was an enormous success for several years

French Connection is a clothing company first established in United Kingdom in 1969 and was mainly aimed at the youthful demographic. Over the last decade it has reinvented itself for the new generation shoppers and has now evolved to be a cult brand world over under the name FCUK which they claim is the acronym for French Connection United Kingdom. The company has recently announced the 'fcuk' label is to be phased out.

Their communication is a ...
Word Game

Misspelt words - whoever said one has to know his spellings


Their advertising oozes with controversial, rebellious, and blatantly kinky attitude. Be it enormous billboards or their store display the brand has tantalized and infuriated people with words. It raised the bar for young advertising professional.


der Bergwind said...

what lies beneath needs to be tickled n the best way is to splash it across.. the cliched human mind, more so the pseudo liberal/progressive indian junta smirk n smile in a mixed emotion of being scandalized/shamed/charged et all... so.. it works! coz it sells.. they all wanna identify wit the bold n the beau nah...
from the creative stand point.. they really pack a punch.. subtle n multi-dimensional.. its all about u-say-it-best-wen-u-say-nothin-at-all... nice collage n scribble...

ps: wat happened to blore bloggerz meet.. wud wanna join the junta if therz one.. (aint a s/w techie.. so mite as well get to know how life is on the other side :)..

Ramjee said...

fcuk, they first grabbed my attention. I was a bit aghast at the irreverence.
Excellent campaign. And i am sure they are reaping the benefits.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Dhivya,

That proves how crucial it is to have a stand-out brand name. I guess they're best known for their corporate identity than their products!



Ajan said...

I love their quotes,..sooo full of life..
gud 1!

GuNs said...

Oh there is a really jazzy French Connection store here in Leeds near my office. It is in the Victoria Quarter shopping complex where Shilpa Shetty celebrated her birthday last month (Bollywood was here for the IIFA awards).

I LOVE the template, especially the header. You make it yourself?

Will keep your blog on the radar.


cipher said...

Did you know that the name FCUK originated from a Fax that was sent from FC HK (Hong Kong) to FC UK (United Kingdom). It was great fun catching up with Trevor Beattie at the Goa Ad Fest. He says he's heard so many versions of how the name came about that it aint funny anymore! :)

Sandy said...

FCUK always got my attention, or maybe it's because I'm addicted to profanity. Lovely little blog you got here, a clean design, nice content and an overall good read.