Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Setting up a President

In India, politics has always been a drama that helps in sustaining competitive TRPs for news channels. The new issue that is gripping the nation is the rat race for the highest chair of honour. Who is going to be appointed as the next president of India? There seems to be a surge in jingoistic spirit and everyone is feeling compelled to contribute his 2 paisa worth to this issue.

Politics for me has been a source of entertainment, being a silent spectator I have thoroughly enjoyed the nastiness enveloping it but this one event triggered me to write about it.

Our domestic help called to say she was not coming to work. My mum being irked by this asked her to justify her reasons.

‘Madam some lady who is going to be the next president of our country is going to be in town. I am going to get fifty bucks and food for sitting through the ceremony. A bus is coming to pick up people from my slum and will drop us back when the function is over. If I take my whole family I’ll get more money than you pay me for the whole month!’

50 bucks and a plate of chicken briyani is all it takes to climb the Indian political ladder! The UPA and left will go any length in setting up their candidate, Pratibha Patil as the country’s next president and guess who is talking about it.


Ramjee said...

It's sad!
Can we complain?
As you aptly say that you are a silent spectator.
It's we the educated idiots of the country who are responsible for the sorry state. We are mere "Silent Spectators"

Vicky said...

It happens only in India. We select (i Guess ;) )our Neta-s, they select their party which in turn selects the president / PM. This selection largely involves party's personal gains n all. Public doesn't have any direct involvement in this. And strangely, we call ourselves - 'Largest democracy of d world'. :D

david mcmahon said...

Nice to see the Amul ad campaign again. Utterly butterly interesting ...



Sam said...

God!! Have heard of these stuffs a lot.... but now that it is perpetrating to teh extent of teh presidential elections, is sad.. especially given the standards set by Dr. Kalam.
But then, trust Amul to poke at such issues with their ads!!
Btw, have you ever voted?? Am yet to do so, despite 5 yrs having gone since i have been of age!! never got the damn chance!!

viggy said...

Agree with Ramjee on this! No right to comment when we dont take the responsibility to even vote...

viggy said...

Agree with Ramjee on this.. No right to comment when we dont even vote!!