Friday, June 15, 2007

Problem Child

I found myself in a very embarrassing predicament, and it stemmed from my own attitude. I offered to help this friend of mine with his corporate blogs, who by the way has his own unique set up. It’s hard to write about someone when you are not working with them and those were his exact sentiments.

‘Hey you could help us out during weekends and write about it during the week. And your job is to ensure everyone has a great time while not compromising on your own fun.’

How can I do a waiter’s job? What will my friends think of me? All sorts of dumb illogical thoughts where running through my head.

‘I am really not patient with people. I don’t think I am made for it’

Yeah right! I was lying, lying so bad that I was feeling sick. I felt I was really different, always ready to try something new in life, and I never wanted be tied down to one career (main source of ulcers for my parents). For me conventional was boring. To vindicate why I hadn’t sought after the excitement I could feel in my head the adrenaline rush that was bursting through my veins. I claimed nothing exciting ever happened. The truth is I was being an absolute hypocrite! I was just like everyone else, 9-5 bore.

The same evening another friend called me up and said he wanted to start a pub of his own, and said he would like it if I could help him out. This got me heady, alright here was my moment to do what I have always wanted. However…

‘I don’t know too much about that particular genre of music.’

What! I couldn’t believe I had said that. What was wrong with me why I am so petrified about taking a plunge? Ok I wont have my security blanket around – my salary! At least I would be happy1

I was aptly called the ‘Rebellious Conformist’, in my head there are so many adventurous plans, but when it comes to actually executing them, I shy away! And it depresses me.

After much deliberation I decided I would agree, and when the time comes I would face the hurdles I’ll also help this friend over the weekends so that I can write his blogs. So long I have turned away from opportunities glaring at my face, but I want to make a conscious effort to make the best of what comes my way instead of waiting for something earth shattering to happen in my life! If something life altering happens…great! In the meanwhile I don’t want to miss out on any more experiences waiting for that big day to come.


Srini said...

It's just a white lie... and it was meant to avoid hurting your friend. I don't see anything wrong with it.

The contents could have been better though :P

redwaterstew said...

Recently saw this Whoopi goldberg movie --the one in which she is a nun It has a line that goes "if you wake up in the morning thinking that you want to be a writer or a singer or whatever that is what you will be" So try recollecting that serendipity moment.

i though the 6 year thingy was a good rule albeit a little long.

a good route would be to pursue it on the sides and plunge when there is enough momentum. nobody became a cook in one day. so give time for mistakes at somebody else's cost:-)

Good post anyways...

Drifter said...

mid career crisis, I see. I was experiencing the same when with you guys in Infy... "do I spend time having fun where I want when I want or do I slave over some cruddy mainframe computer for 12K a month?"
I've finally made that decision. Take a deep breath and make your own. 9 - 5 is not a natural state for *any* human being unless he is brain dead.

- Venkat [yeah, the same]