Monday, June 25, 2007

Sip Lick...mmm... Yuck!

Somehow for a Tam like me the concept of instant coffee doesn’t fit too well in the frame of things. However, this line of thought doesn’t seem to perturb our marketers too much. Bru introduced the 3 in 1 coffee mix in both hot and cold variants. The mix contains coffee, sugar and creamer, all one has to do is to add hot or cold water as per the instructions indicated on the pack.

The ‘Sip lick Ummm!’ gives an interesting feel to the ad. I though I could get Barista home but the product turned out to be a big disappointment all the lather and foam of a great cuppa chino was hoax. When you pour the piping hot water into the mug containing the mix it froths and rises up just like in the ad and it looks absolutely yummy. You would even get the froth moustache like they show in the ad but you may not want to lick it! The drink is way too watery and insipid to pass of as coffee.

So if this wasn’t bad enough we have another player joining them in the weeks to come– COFiCOFi. Manufactured by Sarsan Foods Private Limited in collaboration with Manzaro Global Ventures Limited, COFiCOFi with its baseline ‘Concept of Harmony’ will be available in 7 variants each priced at Rs.5 per sachet!

I walked up to the kiosk at Garuda mall wanting to try this coffee. I had choose between Original, French vanilla, Irish Cream, Hazelnut, Mocha, Mintolatte, and Tiger. I settled for Hazelnut, I had to then decide if I wanted my coffee hot or cold. Hot it had to be! So the sales person fixed my coffee and I was shocked at final product. It looked nothing like coffee and tasted even worse than it looked. Since I was the 100th customer to visit the stall (although I like to think it was my incredible smile) I was given a cap! That’s not going to change my opinion about the product. To put it simply the Coffee sucked!

In south India coffee is a religion, no Tam can start his day without his fix of filter coffee anything else would only put him in foul mood and I being Tam can vouch for that. Despite high levels of stress and constant lack of time people still take pleasure in making their own coffee no instant coffee can dream to change that. COFiCOFi’s 3 in 1 blend of coffee, sugar and creamer hardly seems be the harmonious brew for the southies.


abhishek said...

Kaapi cant be instant. Why dont the marketers understand that? It has to be prepared in a pottikadé by a smelly dude who hasn't bathed in ages and who is most likely to have been scratching his dérriére whilst preparing.
But true... the best coffee is that which is not mass manufactured.

Anonymous said...

Stick to filter coffee darling!!!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Dhivya,

This is probably me being a little slow-witted, but what's a Tam?

By the way, we should add each other's blog to our respective blogrolls - do let me know if that's okay with you.



Dhivya said...

Hi David!

A tamilian in south India is popularliy referred to as tam. All a part of the local nuances. I'll blogroll you right away.


Pri said...

yeah i agree...
me too very much impressed by the ad, tried the 'sip the coffee lick the cream' stuff :-/
and u know the reaction...hmpf!!
we could get together and sue those ad makers if u game :x
lemme know...

Pri said...

ohhh just checked the date to this post...
guess im a lil late isnt it? heehee
have u sued them already?? :p