Saturday, December 29, 2007

From Sassy to Plain Jane

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With this year end I have decided to restore the template of my blog to the standard blogger template. The truth is, ever since I started Travel Tadka, I have been tempted by the easy features blogger templates offer. Grappling with long code turned out to be quite sticky. It would take eons for me to add a new widget for the code had to plugged in seamlessly and all the appropriate tags had to be closed. When something would go amiss, it would seethe to the surface defacing my blog and restoring it would be an excruciatingly painful exercise (clearly a non techie issue here). Finding an easier way out, I sold myself to blogger.

In the process of shifting or migrating I did loose links to many of my favourite blogs. The good part however is, the damage is not too sever. Thanks to Sakshi (She’s got a blog mine, anything happening on the blogsphere or Bollywood she’s the first to know) I was able to refurbish my blogroll with some really interesting blogs. It allowed me to delete blogs I had stopped following, or those that were outdated, deleted or stopped existing. I even managed to kick out some pointless widgets.

I would, sometime later, look for a template that is crafted for me and my inane musings, but for now and till I can afford a designer its going to be 'Hail Blogger'.

The new look is definitely a whole lot cleaner, chirpier and clutter free. The paper scribble look of the old template was chaotic; it did not support many functions and was not really blogging friendly. However, I do miss the energy and the kind of nonchalance it had. I am also going to miss the ‘oh so fantastic template’ comments. But I am nearly 25 now and my blog ought to stop looking like schools girl’s diaries (I know I am consoling myself). Although I wonder if people who really know would be convinced by a template change:).


Anonymous said...

well, if u put it that way , u kinda convinced me. :-)

Ramjee said...

well if you put it this way, I don't have much to say. however i always associated the old look with your personality. (!! !! having met you before reading your blog might have some influence).
this new look though clean is far cry from the lively look of the old!!

Aishwarya Rao said...

Ohmigod! Dhivs, why did ya change the template. I was in love with your previous template. That was you. Fun-loving and warm!

Jayasankar Peethambaran said...

U've got some very good posts here.
Keep it up.


Arvi said...

Sigh - I liked the previous template, it was much more vibrant, and went well with the blog theme.

So hey, in response to your comment to my post 'The Simple Pleasures of Life' - we stayed in Gokarna at this little no-frills place by the beach called 'Namaste Cafe'. A little cottage with an attached bathroom costs about Rs 400 off-season, with rates more than doubling at the peak times. The place is well located at the tip of the 'Om', and the cafe serves great food - dont miss the egg pakodas with masala chai!!!! Have a good trip!

Lav said...

I kinda like the new avatar of your blog.. It is squeaky clean :-)

Your blog url always reminds of this movie 'Cinema, Coffee and Cigarettes' by Jim Jarmusch. Ever seen it ?

Drifter said...

old template. period. THE best I saw so far.
I wanted to show it to an amigo and it went poof! bad.

Koti said...

Content decides the blog value, though presentation attracts ....

I liked the way you put things across.

izmir evden eve said...

thank you fo sharing