Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On a break!

There is going to be a lull at coffee and conversation but let me assure you It is only till the 11th of december. Then the blog post will be pouring in with renewed vigour. I off to Uttranchal and on the way manage to catch a colourful Punjabi wedding loads of yummy food, restaurants, jim corbett, chole bhature and experience on road. I'll have something to feed my new blog Travel Tadka as well...:)



sri vikas said...

have a good trip! and get some snaps too!

Smoochy said...

1. u went to uttarakhand - without question the prettiest part of the country (if you go to the right places, beats the pants off the over-rated simla and darjeeling types)
2. u attended a punjbai wedding - without question a grand show of opulence and unconditional joy

and u didnt find either experience worthy of a blog post? what went wrong??

Dhivya said...

oh.. hey... both will be published shortly and i agree with both ur points.. i did not go to simla darjeeling... instead visited - nainital - almora - binsar - kausani - Raniketh - Ramnagar - jim corbett

and the punju wedding was fantastic... i totally loved it