Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pied Pipers of Mumbai

For a city that is constantly on the look out for ideas with instant cash rewards here is a business proposition that’s made by the BMC - Kill a rat, and get Rs. 5 for it.

BMC estimates rat population in the city to be 9 crores, which means Rs.45 crores is up for grabs! That’s a lot of money to make out of rat slaughter. True it’s not really the best way to make money but I can only imagine how many people are going to benefit out of the program.

'BMC hopes that this revised incentive (it earlier paid 50 paise for every rat killed )will move ordinary Mumbaikars enough to participate in its campaign against rodents, which isn't going too far even with dedicated squads working through the night.’ - Source Mumbai Mirror May 3rd 2007

To claim the reward (and be the next Pied Pier of Mumbai) one has to produce the dead body of the rodent to the local ward office. And if you have mutilated the rat’s body beyond recognition and would feel squeamish to carry it with you, just show the civic officials the tails as proof.

Despite the BMC’s relentless efforts they are not able to match the rats’ formidable coupling strength. The gap is only growing wide with every passing year; statistics show that a pair of rats can have 700 offspring in a year. And this has been the cause of many health problems.

It’s a neat social cause incentivised, getting the city together to rid rats and many diseases while also providing livelihood for many. It makes people more consciuos and makes them look out for their fellow citizens. Other metros should undertake such a cause - Plastic recycling plants people could dump their plastic waste in specific bins and get cash for it in return like the good old raddi concept.

While the Mumbikars are all geared up to play Pied Piper why can’t all local municipal organizations think of replicating this idea in their own respective cities?


Rajeev said...

WHOA!! that truly is a good idea!!
even we shud do it :D Didnt know bout this one.
nice post.
thanx for sharin

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