Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wild Wild Bollywood!

Whats common between Shilpa Shetty of Big Brother and Rakhi Sawant of Big Boss, (besides the fact that it was both their tickets to stardom) its PETA!!!

'Boycott Animal Circuses' screams the poster that tigress Rakhi is holding in her hand. I agree with that, and would much rather prefer to see Bollywood take on this role. In my opinion they'll be bloody good at the circus and will also rake in more revenues.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has joined the bandwagon of celebrity advertising in India and they are botching up big time. PETA has signed up Shilpa and Rakhi for its campaign against the use of animals in circuses. Great cause but the only problem was the ad looked more for these sex sirens than for poor, captive, caged animals. On the whole a brainless pointless, terribly executed ad. Although it could passed off as the cover for Debonaire or Man's World.

PETA looks beaten, lonely and abused and not the animals, no one is really thinking about them!

One could expect Ms Shetty or Ms Sawant to pull a gimmick like that, what surprised me was Anoushka Shankar.

What can I say, daddy Ravi Shankar is not going to be thrilled.


Bubbasanuel said...

i tottally agree with you on this. whenever celebrities go out of their way to campaign for animal rights, it always turns out more like a debonair mag promo.

if people are to take notice of the cruelties done to animals in zoo, circuses and even in the wild, the communication has to be stark and in your face. not some well endowed cutie in a body suit.

PETA has failed to reach the true audience for its cause, i.e, the common man. what the hell does a sugar cane farmer care for a leopard that visits his field often? he only gets scared for his goats and chickens and kills the poor beast. he's the one we should be talking to.

On the whole, this whole idea of celebrity endorsments for animal rights activits is a total flop.

if it has to be a celebrity then why not people like menaka gandhi?

great write, keep penning. :)

Ravi said...

That a great write up Dhivya. But I wonder if Rakhi or Shipla has any real concern for these animals or doing it because PETA has hired them and in the process also get some free publicity. I would agree with the other comment that all these endorsements are nothing but a farce.

Ajan said...

Another stint to hit the tabloids. I rem shilpa in the news abt the Big Brother show, she never told that she was a victim of racism..but the small clip in which she cries was aired again and again which forced the ppl to revolt and make her a biggy biggy star..
I wonder how PETA can allow such atrocious acts by the so called actors and actresses..

Sakshi said...

Well frankly I think you are being a little to presumptuous here. Whether celebrities like Rakhi Sawant and Shilpa Shetty are genuine towards the causes they are supporting can be debatable. Just because they belong to Hindi Film Industry doesn’t qualify them to be fakes…maybe they do believe in animal freedom.

The reason why organizations such as Peta select such big shots is because they appeal to the masses. In India it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ONLY two in sectors rule the roost, Bollywood and Cricket. To get someone like Dhoni or Dravid, NGOs such as Peta would practically have to sell their own skin….where as Bollywood folks are still easily approachable.

So let’s just give these women the benefit of doubt and concentrate more on the “cause” itself.

Ravi said...

Sakshi, your point is well taken and I do agree that their causes are debatable. But should it take an organization like PETA to rope in celebrities to save the animals ? If SS or RS are genuinely concerned, should it not be the other way round where they offer their services to PETA and also donate genrously for the cause. Well, this again is debatable because we are not aware of the terms of the contract between them. I think for any celebrity to show their concern for a cause, they dont need the backing of an organization, instead they should support the organization. Just my two cents.