Tuesday, May 01, 2007

TVC Hots & Nots

Being in advertising I am in the habit of flipping channels to catch Television Commercials. So when the remote is in my hand there is a possibility that I annoy my co viewrs. Since this activity takes up most of my television veiwing time, I decided to start reviewing TVCs and I am calling it 'TVC Hots & Nots'.

Everything selling on boob tube is not a creative marvel some of the Ads on air makes you want to switch of your TV. Then there a few that are funny, intelligent, cute, sentimental or plain cheeky. I thought its worth giving some attention to whats selling on TV.
I decided to start with 2 very intriguing Ads that have been on air for the last copule of weeks.

1. Amul Macho

Probably the only men's underwear brand without a man in it. With media furiously accusing them of being cheap and vulgar, this provocative ad has been enjoying all the attention, doesn't matter if it's in bad taste. While the other brands are pegging on machismo and chivalry Amul Macho, with the tag line 'Crafted for fantasies' is based completely on a woman's most intimate fantasy.

I think this ad clearly screams different. Let's face it, The Indian male is no Superman whether he wears a Roopa, Lux Cozy or VIP and that is what other underwear brands portray him to be. They are constantly running around in their underwear saving women, dangerously hanging from a cliff to rescue a kitten or being completely molested by women.

The film opens on a new bride, coming to do the laundry, while the other women gear up to bully her. She faces the cold stares boldly when she decides to pull out her husband's underwear from the lot. The women are taken aback by its sheer size and they retreat to a corner. Thoroughly enjoying their expression she goes ahead to wash it with expressions that clearly indicate what a great time she had in the sack on her nuptial night.

Everyone is talking about this new ad on TV; and it has great recall. We have a problem because the brand had the cheek to be different and its not just the same old formula. The ad is being honest, men don't want to be known for saving kittens or pumping away at the gym ,they would much rather be know for their skills in the sack! Its much ado over nothing.

2. Pepsi Gold

Quick to respond and sarcastic. This ad is a definite take on the dismal performance of the men in blue at the Caribbean. Post the world cup, India is gripped with a sense of hopelessness and this ad in some way restores that lost faith. The ad tells you there is no dearth of talent, the next time around there will be a younger quicker and a more aggressive team.

A group of boys go to a tailor to get the Indian cricket team's uniform stitched for themselves. One of the boys tells the tailor to stretch the length of the shirt from 20 to 24. the old tailor is visibly perplexed and moves on to measure the next boy's chest "33 inches" he declares but the guy's friends ask him to keep it at 40. The old tailor obviously annoyed grudgingly obliges. He reads out an exaggerated number while measuring another boy's shoulder. The boys cheer in agreement. Done with them, the tailor asks for the delivery date. The guys inform him, "Chaar saal baad. Agla world cup hum laayenge!"

Pepsi launched a new product for the world cup 'Pepsi Gold', with India's defeat the whole nation turned its face away from the high enthusiastic feeling and so did Pepsi. This voices every Indian's dream to go back to the world cup 4 years later with a new team and win. With a ring of disappointment and lots of hope this ad is well written, executed and on the whole brilliant.


Kapil said...

Hey the Amul Macho ad @ youtube for your readers to see it.


Phish said...

I do agree with you 100% on the Amul Macho ad. In the industry myself, I think it's definitely clutter breaking. So's your blog by the way.

Arvi said...

Insightful post!!!

Atunu said...

Woah, nice insight :) Loved your blog design man.