Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Aerosmith... A Rant

I didnt get to go for the concert, but people I knew went. And after much cajoling, coaxing, pleading, terrorising and unlimited refills of beer. Sreeram writes this review for me.
Here is what he has to say.

They came, they saw...and by all accounts, they conquered. The papers scream that it was a marvellous, mind-blowing show, with Tyler and Co. belting out all our favourite numbers and holding us in thrall for all of two hours. Maybe they're reviewing some other show that I wasn't invited to, for it sure didn't turn out all hunky dory for the poor fans who swarmed the palace grounds on Saturday!

After two days of unending fawning reviews...someone has to say it... "The sound quality at the show SUCKED big time!". Thanks DNA for screwing us over... wait.. that should read, thanks DNA, for making us drive an hour each way, treating us like cattle through the gates, packing us like sardines into a pint-sized ground, taking nearly 50$ from us and THEN screwing us over.

Which is not to say that it wasn't a good concert. Somewhere, between a great performance by the band, and a great crowd that sang along to most of the songs at some stage or the other, this was indeed a good concert, despite the sound engineer's best efforts to screw it all up. Tyler and Perry played some wonderful numbers... "Sweet Emotion", Dream On, Walk this way, Falling in Love Is...,Livin' on the Edge... it's one long list! I also think they genuinely tried to reach out to the fans.

However, it was a sad spectacle to see Perry's guitar reduced to an anonymous, also-ran sound, Tyler's ear-shattering "Demon"screams were reduced to a purr, and you really couldn't hear anything distinctly beyond the woofer belching out the beats. I thought the saddest parts were when the bassist went center stage to play out his solo and you couldn't hear a damn thing despite Tyler specifically requesting them to "fuzz it up", and poor Perry's rocking bluesy "Mess Around" guitar work fading anonymously into the background.

So thanks to Aerosmith for coming down and doing their best. It was still a memorable show. We hope you'll come again. We hope you'll play more of the hit songs we so desperately want to hear ("Pink" and "Janie..." were the mostly loudly demanded on my side of the crowd... tho' if you were to go by what DNA says on its site, they actually played "Janie got a gun"... go figure... or maybe.. wait... maybe ... we just couldn't hear it! Schmucks!), and we hope to god we can actually hear you play the next time around.. we Don't Wanna Miss a Thing either y'know!
And here's to the real heroes of the day... the fans who came out, sang along wildly and made it a great memorable show!

Rock on!
To Mr. Sound Engineer... from the Monopoly Man - Go to school, go directly to school, do not return till you pass, do not screw us over again.
Image source: Bangalore Metblogs


venkat said...

hmm , this review was a bit exaggerated.
The energy was brilliant , the music was mind blowing, yes the sound was bad initially, then it got ok (indian equipment i heard) ...but yes , this was the closest we could get to a true "rock" concert.